Gemini Ariel Ajax Rotary Screw Misc. Compressors
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Ironhorse Compression sells and brokers used natural gas compressor packages. We have a large inventory of used Gemini Compressor parts and packages. We specialize in models MOC, MPC, MPSB, MPD, M301, M302, HPD, and H302.

These packages are extremely versatile as they can serve both high and low pressure, from 25 psig to well over 1000 psig. Single stage, two stage, and three stage units are available with the famous Gemini Engine models G-26 and G-40 or the Arrow/Waukesha Engine models VRG220 and VRG 330 drivers.

We also have an inventory of Ajax compressors, Ariel compressors, Gardner Denver screw compressors, Leroi screw compressors, Sullair screw compressors, and Frick screw compressors.

Ironhorse Compression is a subsidiary of JC Compressor Service, Inc. JC Compressor Service is a full service compression company that specializes in small horsepower wellhead compression rental. We also recondition, refurbish, and recylinder compressor packages and perform maintenance and repair on customer owned equipment. We have a large inventory of both new and used parts for Gemini engines and compressors. For parts: call 479-461-4205 or Email:

With over 30 years experience in the used equipment market and thousands of compressor units to choose from we can help you with almost any compression need. Call 479-461-4205 or

and tell us your suction pressure PSIG, discharge pressure PSIG, flow rate MSCFD, and what type of equipment you prefer.

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Full Parts inventory for the small HP Gemini Compressors, new and used Gemini parts available.

For Parts: 479-461-4205