Gemini Ariel Ajax Rotary Screw Misc. Compressors
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Unit # Engine (Make/Model) Compressor (Make/Model) Stages Cyl 1 Cyl 2 Cyl 3 Price
JC3737Waukesha VRG220Ariel JGI284.5Call for PriceYes
JC 3227Gemini G-40Gemini MPSB25.5"3"Call for PriceYes
JC81849AJAX DPC-60AJAX DPC-60284.25Call for PriceYes
JC1002Gemini G-26Gemini MOC24"2"Call for PriceYes
IH402473Waukesha VRG330Ariel JGP-125.53.25Call for PriceYes
JC 2361VRG 220Gemini MPC14 3/84 3/8Call for PriceYes
JC402073CAT G3306NAC/P FE33237.562.75Contact for priceYes
MC1032Arrow VRG330Gemini MPC24.3752 1/2Call for PriceYes
JC3081Gemini G-40Gemini MPC15.55.5Contact for priceYes
JC8409Arrow VRG 220Gemini MPC177RENTEDYes
JC401129Arrow VRG 220Gemini MPC242Contact for priceYes
JC8617Gemini G-26Gemini MOC24 3/82 1/2RENTEDYes
IH8694Gemini G-26Gemini MOC25.54"Contact for priceYes
JC1392Arrow VRG 330Ariel JGP-124 3/42 3/4Call for PriceYes
IH9049Gemini G-26Gemini MOC242Call for PriceYes
IH4641Gemini G-40Gemini MPC 23.52Call for priceYes
JC7004Ford 460Sulliar PDH-12Call for PriceYes
JC8774SSF Gardner DenverSSF Gardner Denver ScrewCall for PriceYes
JC3235Gemini G-40Gemini MPSB25.53Call for PriceNo
JC 5126GeminiGemini MO24"2"Call for PriceYes
JC 7007Continental TM-27Sullair PDX-10Price $3500 w/o engineYes
JC 9398Gemini G26Gemini MPC24 3/8"2 1/2"Call for PriceYes
JC 3228Gemini G-40Gemini MPSB MPSB-Step cylinder25.53Call for PriceNo
IH 404693Waukesha VRG330Frick- Screw JS151BDCall for PriceYes
IH4251Arrow VRG 220Gemini MPC24 3/82 1/2Contact for priceYes
JC3199Gemini G-40Gemini MPC242Contact for priceYes